Custom Built Slip-In Units

General Fire is in a class of their own when it comes to building custom Slip-In units. We deliver units that are dependable, versatile and durable. From conception to completion, each unit is built onsite to customer’s specifications and design requirements.

Because we manufacture our own tanks, pumps, control panels, valves, fuel tanks, stainless steel plumbing, aluminum frames, and aluminum boxes, we have the flexibility to tailor our Slip-In Units to fit any truck – from standard pickup beds with utility boxes to flatbeds with customized boxes built around the Unit.

Upon completion, each Slip-In Firefighting Unit is thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure the unit you receive delivers the highest performance possible for today’s demanding firefighting. With a General Fire Slip-In, your pickup or flat-bed vehicle becomes a fast, initial-attack firefighting brush truck. Because of their flexibility, capacity and convenience, these highly mobile units can easily mean the difference between a quick knockdown and a major fire.